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Dr Argero Xaftellis, affectionately called “Dr Argie” by her patients, graduated from UWA in 1995 and started practicing cosmetic medicine the following year at the first laser clinic in Perth. Over the next few years she expanded her training to include all forms of non-surgical medical aesthetic treatments plus liposuction. Dr Argie was an early member of the Cosmetic Physician Association of Australasia (CPSA) which is now the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia (CPCA) where she hold a second Fellowship in Aesthetic Medicine. Her primary Fellowship is with the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery (ACCS). An ACCS Fellowship is the highest possible qualification in Australia specifically for cosmetic procedures with only 3 doctors in WA having reached the required standards. This degree means that Dr Argie has proficiency in her procedures, has sat and passed exams at a level of greater than 75%, has ongoing training, has been critiqued by her peers, performed thousands of treatments and must work to the highest of standards. Dr Argie also holds a Lipoplasty Diploma with the ACCS, which shows further training, and standards have been undertaken specifically for liposuction. She also holds a Diploma in Dermatology from Monash University. Please note that currently in Australia doctors can practice cosmetic medicine without having a formal qualification and that claims of “fully trained and experienced” means they have often only completed a basic course which lacks any exams, ongoing training, monitoring of proficiency and practice without any required standards. This has lead to reports of increased complications, use of inadequate doses or illegal, dangerous products and a range of illegal practices. Dr Argie is a member of the European College of Aesthetic Medicine.

Dr Argie is also recognised as one of Australia’s advanced injectors and is an injector trainer for a number of cosmetic product companies. Dr Argie has been selected multiple times to represent Australia at International Expert Summits in aesthetic medicine and sits on an international skin tightening board as well as being active in research and development of products and procedures. She is also a demonstrator/trainer in liposuction for the ACCS. Dr Argie is regularly asked to lecture on various topics at conferences both nationally and internationally. In 2013 Dr Argie was invited onto the very prestigious American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. An international society, who is the sole American member of the International Union of Aesthetic Medicine, which has 29 member societies and 30,000 members worldwide.  The faculty boats cosmetic legends like Professor Pierre Fournier, the father of modern liposuction. This is a great honour and means that Dr Argie now lectures at an international level.

Dr Argie strongly believes in standards and education for doctors practicing aesthetic medicine. For this reason she has held a number of positions in various Boards promoting this agenda and who interact with government decision makers. This includes being the CPSA WA state rep, the national CPSA secretary, the WA media liaison for the CPSA and the ACCS, and served on the ACCS Board. She has also sat on various sub-committes for both societies which have included overseeing education, conferences, constitutional issues and ethics. 

Dr Argie has also published studies in medical journals on topics including liposuction and recently developed the non-thread thread lift alternative for a non-surgical facelift. This has been published and presented to national and international cosmetic doctors. The technique has been taken back to Germany and implemented. Dr Argie is considered as an innovative pioneer in the field of aesthetic medicine and held in great esteem by her colleagues.

Dr Argie maintains her mainstream medical skills and knowledge by working at the nearby large public hospitals on the weekends where she has worked since 1997. Her particular areas of interest have included emergency medicine, women's health, paediatrics, immigration medicine and counselling. She spent 13 years in a very busy general practice and was in constant demand before deciding to dedicate the majority of her time to cosmetic medicine.

Dr Argie believes that the key to good health is a balance of the physical, emotional and spiritual. She spent 25 years as a fitness instructor in her personal time and still enjoys regular Yoga. Dr Argie practices what she preaches and has her own maintenance program of cosmetic treatments to attempt to look her best. She believes that it is never to soon to start but encourages her younger clients to begin with good quality skin care and daily sun protection. Prevention is always better than cure! More advanced treatments should begin when a problem actually starts and Dr Argie takes a minimalist approach to avoid complications, preserve a natural look and to help save the patient money. She treats her staff regularly so that they too can offer patients a personal perspective on procedures. Be assured that all treatments performed at the ARGERA Centre are safe and have also been performed on Dr Argie herself or one of the staff. At a philanthropic level she regularly supports community fund raising events and has joined a charity organisation that volunteers cosmetic services to selected misfortunate individuals.

Dr Argie feels that cosmetic treatments help to maintain psychological health by improving confidence, so allowing a person’s true inner beauty to shine. Nature has gifted us all with unique features. The procedures that she performs act to enhance and maintain these features through the ageing process, a process that is unfortunately accelerated by the Australian sun.

Before undergoing any procedure, Dr Argie recommends that her patients first form a realistic desirable result in their mind. Through the consultation process, she explores how the desired outcome can be achieved and any risks involved. Despite cosmetic medicine being one of the safest fields of medicine, any medical procedure runs the risk of adverse reactions. Some are preventable while others are not, no matter how experienced your physician. What should be important is the ongoing care from your doctor and their staff. The patient should feel comfortable to call at any time with any question concerning their treatment and be supported in the event of any adverse events. Dr Argie personally feels very strongly about such patient care and aims to provide it regardless of whether the procedure is simple or complex. Her guarantee is service, support and safety for her patients.


We are fully accredited by a range of industry organisations. We operate to the highest standards and best codes of practice.