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Meet the doctor who genuinely cares about her patients and wants to bring out their  inner beauty and confidence

  • Specialising in natural results (restoration and enhancement)
  • Over 24years of experience and up to date with the latest treatments and techniques
  •  Internationally recognised expert with two degrees specialising in cosmetic medicine
  •  A trainer and mentor for other doctors
  • Dedicated to providing high quality safe treatments at affordable price

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Dr Argie is currently the only medical practioner in WA to carry two Fellowships in cosmetic medicine, and only one of a handful in the entire of Australia.  Most doctors practicing cosmetic medicine have no formal qualifications in the field, as there is no current legal requirement to do so. A Fellowship is recognition of specialisation in a field of medicine thats shows a doctor has passed examinations in practical and theoretical knowledge, has been reviewed by peers for competency, and undergoes regularly ongoing training to maintain skills. A Fellowship is the highest form of qualification possible, and very difficult to achieve and maintain.  It ensures that patients receive the very best in care.

In addition, Dr Argie is a recognised as an Australian and international expert in cosmetic medicine, especially in liposuction. She has been sponsored multiple times to attend international symposiums to provide her expert opinion. Dr Argie is regularly asked to lecture doctors in various cosmetic medicine topics and is currently the injector trainer for wrinkle fillers and relaxers for two of the largest product companies in the world. Dr Argie is a "Master Injector" which means that she is recognised by collegues at an international and national level to be an expert in injecting. She has the special ability of being able to balance a face with injectables bringing harmony to it and the maximum in natural beauty. A "Master Injector" can also perform all of the advanced techniques of injecting from non-surgical rhinoplasty to the "Neferititi Lift". What's more she can perform all these advance techniques with the minimal amount of product for each patient's needs, to keep costs down.  Dr Argie is also only one of 5 doctors in Australia chosen as a demonstrator for the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery (ACCS) registrar training in liposuction, which she attends in Sydney twice a year. Dr Argie was blessed to have had training with the inventors of modern liposuction, Dr Pierre Fournier (French) and Dr Antonio Bacci (Italian) that added to her belief that liposculpture is an artistic pursuit, as well as a medical.  She believes that every patient is a work of art, waiting to have his, or her, attributes emphasised to create the best version of one’s self. Maintenance of one’s unique, natural beauty should always be paramount. 

Dr Argie has also contributed to the scientific field of cosmetic medicine and has published studies in medical journals and even created her own new technique of injecting known as the X-Lift, which was brought to Germany as an alternative to thread lift where threads are not performed due to legal reasons. She believes strongly in patient education to ensure patients receive the safest treatments with maximal outcomes. She spends considerable time writing patient education for various product companies, for her own patients and has contributed to articles for magazines and newspapers.

Over the last 24 years Dr Argie has sat on various Boards to promote standards in the cosmetic industry to help protect patients including the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia (CPCA) and the ACCS, where she has held positions such as secretary, education liaison, conference organisation and provided opinion to help shape government legislation. Dr Argie has also sat on the clinical Board of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, having been selected as an international lecturer.

Dr Argie has always been a diligent worker who is constantly trying to increase her skill and knowledge base.  She believes in a holistic approach to medicine including the use of nutritional, hormonal, spiritual, psychological and physical modalities to promote optimal health. She was a fitness instructor for over 25years and encourages the practice of meditation and yoga.

Academically, Dr Argie has been practicing aesthetic medicine since 1996, having graduated the year before from the prestigious University of WA school of Medicine. At the same time as working in the developing cosmetic field, she has also worked in Emergency Medicine, General Practice, Women’s Health, Integrative Medicine and with hormone replacement therapies. She is recognised as an expert in adult human growth hormone replacement which she has been prescribing for over 15years. To keep her conventional medicine skills, Dr Argie still works part-time as a GP at a very busy medical centre. She has always had a passion for skin and is adding to her two Fellowships in aesthetic medicine and Diploma in Dermatology by obtaining a Diploma in Dermoscopy (skin cancer diagnostics) and completing another two in Skin Cancer Medicine and one in Skin Cancer Surgery. All diplomas are from the prestigous Queensland University. All require previously passing the professional and advanced certificates in this field with passmarks of 90%, or greater, plus clinical case audits These diplomas are thus of the highest standard and very hard to obtain. She has been removing skin cancers since 1997 and always aims to give patients the best final scar result.

Dr Argie is Medical Director of the ARGERA Day Hospital, which is a WA Health Department licensed facility. Annual checks by the Health Department ensure that the standard of treatment remain high and safe. There are only 3 other similar licensed cosmetic clinics in Perth since it is so hard to reach and maintain the necessary requirements. Unlicensed facilities are never checked by regulatory bodies for standards. Licensing protects the general public. 

Since treatments between cosmetic clinics are not all the same, be reassured that Dr Argie’s clinics only stock premium grade TGA approved products, genuine medical devices and that administration of products are at international recommended doses to give maximum results and longevity. All staff undergo extensive and ongoing training to maximise patient satisfaction. Dr Argie offers the latest and very best in proven procedures used Worldwide and ensures they are regularly updated with the newest protocols. She conferences regularly to make sure her patients always have the best available treatments on the market.

Over the years patients have varied from the average housewife and husbands, to TV personalities and even international singers. She sees all her patients as special and loves catching up with them at each visit. Dr Argie still treats some patients she first treated over 20years ago! She believes in what she does and has the exactly the same treatments as her patients receive, so she fully understands the experience. She also researches and personally tries every new procedure that she brings into the clinic to ensure effectiveness and patient safety.

Dr Argie specialises in natural results for her patients. She believes that everyone who walks through the door has intrinsic beauty and it’s her job is help patients build the confidence to let that beauty shine through. She works with her patients to achieve the desired results but remains honest at all times about what is achievable. She is always mindful of patient’s financial constraints and tries to work within their budgets to get maximal results from each treatment. Dr Argie spends time discussing options with patients to ensure they fully understand their procedures. She truly wants her patients to be happy!

Before undergoing any procedure, Dr Argie recommends that her patients first form a realistic desirable result in their mind. Through the consultation process, she explores how the desired outcome can be achieved and any risks involved. Despite cosmetic medicine being one of the safest fields of medicine, any medical procedure runs the risk of adverse reactions. Some are preventable while others are not, no matter how experienced your physician. What should be important is the ongoing care from your doctor and their staff. The patient should feel comfortable to call at any time with any question concerning their treatment and be supported in the event of any adverse events. Dr Argie personally feels very strongly about such patient care and aims to provide it regardless of whether the procedure is simple or complex. Her guarantee is service, support and safety for her patients.


We are fully accredited by a range of industry organisations. We operate to the highest standards and best codes of practice.