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Whats in a name?

The name “ARGERA” is derived from the Greek saint “A-ye-rho” to represent the two doctors who administered healing to the sick and infirmed in the sixteenth century. They are comparative to the catholic saints Cosmo and Damien. As such ARGERA embellishes all that which makes us healthier and happier. It is the essence of healing and well being, inside and out. It is also the name of our doctor and her now passed grandmother.

Symbolizing Argera

Our logo reflects our professional, caring and artistic approach to cosmetic medicine. The clean lines and flowing waves mirrors a sense of vitality, well-being and change that comes with being in the flow of life The various choices of colours for each clinic represent the balance that makes up all things in nature. The greens connect with vitality and healing, the reds with warmth and sensuality, and the blues with our inner need for peace and serenity.

Location, location!

The main rooms are discretely located in the medical area of Joondalup, diagonally across the road from the Joondalup Health Campus (JHC). They are thus easy to find by following the signs to the JHC and turning right (if coming from the Freeway) at the round about instead of left into the hospital campus. On a good run the clinic is only 25minutes from the Perth CBD via the freeway. The Joondalup rooms are also the location for the PERTH LIPOSUCTION CENTRE, the only Health Department facility exclusively licensed for liposuction. There is a vast number of car parks in this area and within 5minutes walk, including the main Joondalup Shopping Centre which is attached to the train. A CAT bus can be caught from the train station and stops directly in front of the Brookwood Building in which the ARGERA Centre is located.

Setting the mood

The clinics were designed to be stylish, modern and welcoming to our patients. Their relaxing décor and calm setting offer the patient more than a just cosmetic treatment. Before a patient undergoes a procedure they should ensure that the quality and standards of the facility are appropriate for their treatment. For this reason, our main rooms underwent a full renovation in 2014 and with the extensive and grueling challenge of Health Department licensing which allows it to meet the strictest in standards and safety seen in Australia, and arguably the world. The criteria are extremely difficult to meet and ARGERA is only one of 3 cosmetic clinics in Western Australia who has made the grade. The planning took over 2 years and specialist healthcare facility builder, Medifit, was employed. Every minor detail has been thought of to improve patient comfort whilst complying with the strictest in safety protocol guidelines. The aim was to allow an easy transition from first contact to treatment and any follow-up care a patient might require. As a Day Hospital, our surgical liposuction patients can enjoy a comfortable experience, with personalized care and the knowledge that they are in the safest environment possible for their procedure.

“What does health department licencing mean”?

To become a licensed Class B Day Hospital, especially in Western Australia, is a major commitment and the reason why only 3 currently exist for cosmetic medicine. To gain this license means that the clinic has met the strictest in health and safety protocols. The clinic is essentially run as a mini hospital with detailed protocol systems to ensure a patient is in the safest possible medical environment at all times. To meet this criteria ARGERA had to undergo a complete renovation to change the already beautiful and functional rooms. The process started in 2012 with extensive planning at a structural, architectural and medical level. The clinic’s facelift cost well over the $300,000 mark but is truly a testament to the commitment that Dr Argie has towards her patients and her work. The result is the first cosmetic clinic exclusively licensed as a Day Hospital for liposuction in this state.

But what does this mean for the patient? The most obvious advantage is the safety aspect since ARGERA is not only build to safety standards it also runs with the strictest of protocols. Non surgical patients can be assured that staff have appropriate ongoing training, that only safe and registered products are used in the correct recommended doses and that sterility is maintained at all times. Surgical patients have the additional knowledge that not only are they in safe and experienced hands that they are also saving money. This is because the ARGERA Centre allows for an in-house tumescent liposuction. In suitable patients this procedure has improved safety rates as patients are awake during the procedure but comfortable, are able to move to allow for better contouring of the areas being liposuctioned and have faster recovery times. A change in the Anaesthetic Guidelines 2 years ago meant that patients having any form of liposuction needed to be operated in Day Centers’. Dr Argie had to hire other facilities at a cost of around $1500/hr. Even a small liposuction takes 3 hours. The result was thousands of dollars of additional fees for the patients before the procedure was even undertaken. Patients often opted for overseas treatments with some very dangerous and disastrous results with no recourse when things went wrong. Now that ARGERA is licensed it can perform this procedure with a single theatre fee no matter how long the procedure takes. The patient essentially pays a set theatre fee, the procedural fee and a garment fee. They can save thousands without sacrificing on safety and quality work.

Dr Argie has been performing liposuction since 1998 and holds a Fellowship with the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery (ACCS) with an additional a Lipoplasty Diploma, has been trained by some if the best liposuction doctors in the world from Europe, South America and the USA, has done thousands of cases and has personally had the procedure. She is also a liposuction demonstrator/trainer for the ACCS. Dr Argie is also a lecturer for the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine where she sits on the faculty with the father of modern liposuction, Dr Pierre Fournier. Dr Argie thus has experience at all levels and truly understands your needs and concerns as a patient. She is extremely passionate about liposuction.

“State of the art” facility

The ARGERA Centre is not only an aesthetically pleasing clinic but also uses the highest-grade medical equipment available and regularly updates to the latest in technology. Our doctor travels the globe to find the most advanced and proven techniques and products to ensure her patients get the best and safest treatments available ARGERA is a premier clinic that can hold itself on the same level as any cosmetic clinic worldwide, whether it be in Hollywood or Paris.

Here to serve

Our staff is friendly and helpful, and will often go out of their way to make your visit comfortable. All senior staff members have been present since the opening of the original clinic in 2006. They all have treatments and thus a sound knowledge of procedures from a patient's perspective, as well as being well versed in general information. Our newer staff are equally as dedicated to making your experience a positive one. If they do not have your answer immediately for you they will happily find out and get back to you. All staff members undergo ongoing education, training and quality assurance checks to improve their service. They are always happy to give an honest opinion about a treatment when approached.

Please know that the ARGERA Centre has a non-abuse policy. We believe in approaching any concerns in a calm, manner and staff will always try to resolve any concerns in this way. We remind patients that cosmetic medicine is not an exact science and side effects/risks exist with even the simplest of procedure. This is because the human body has so much individual variation associated with it. Patients must maintain realistic expectations at all times. The ARGERA Centre staff are beautiful people who genuinely want to help you and will so their best. Read more on ARGERA staff

Our doctor is caring, gentle and precise in her treatments, while her consultations are clear and informative. She is also recognized nationally and internationally for her skills and knowledge in cosmetic medicine. Read more on Dr Argie

We look forward to seeing you.


We are fully accredited by a range of industry organisations. We operate to the highest standards and best codes of practice.