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Our Philosophy

In Medicine Experience Counts

ARGERA believes that true beauty comes from within and that everyone who walks through the door is beautiful but it is our job to help the patient find the confidence to let that inner beauty shine. For some people it is as simple as a consultation with our caring doctor and for others it might be correction of a perceived flaw. By emphasizing the desirable unique features that nature has given us and minimizing the bad, ARGERA hopes to restore balance to the face so that one can grow old gracefully and beautifully.

Our preferred approach is a natural one as we try to restore and maintain our youthful beauty. If a patient does want a more “Hollywood Look” then our doctor has the skill to achieve this also. We work with our patients to get as close to their realistic desired results as possible. ARGERA’s clinical staff listens to the patient and then attempts to tailor to the individual. They do not spontaneously comment upon patients’ flaws, which can create unnecessary anxiety in some patients. If invited by the patient, however, they will provide some suggestions that can assist the patient in achieving maximal improvements for their particular aging process.

We understand that people just want to feel better about them selves and they seek cosmetic treatments for various reasons. Sometimes its because they have been raised in the shadow of sibling, or mother, or been put down by an abusive husband, lost marriages to younger women, or suddenly realized how much they have aged now that their children have grown up. All are possible reasons why self-confidence has been reduced. What ever the personal reason might be, our staff are not judgmental and will understand. They themselves have treatments too. The reality is that we live in a time of materialism where beauty is glorified. In the past non-surgical treatments did not really exist and  “growing old gracefully” referred to not having surgery. Today, this phrase still refers to not having surgery but now we have alternatives that can slow the aesthetic effects of aging. At ARGERA we feel that cosmetic medical treatments are not vanity but rather maintenance. After all what machine can run efficiently for 50 to 100years without being serviced? Why should our bodies’ be any different? Why should we look old when we feel so young inside? The 40 and 50 of our parent’s generation are the 30 and 40’s of ours. At ARGERA we believe that a young heart never ages.

At ARGERA we are realists. We know it is ridiculous to think that we can please every patient who walks through our door regardless of our best efforts. Factors such as personality conflicts, unrealistic expectations and variations in patient’s physiological responses, can all play a role in patient dissatisfaction and are unavoidable. Our aim, however, is to try to please as many patients as we can. We want long-term happy patients. At ARGERA we get to know our patients and attempt to create the old-fashioned doctor-patient relationship of trust and caring. Over the years we have moved through many of our patients lives with them. We have seen them go through good and bad times and have not only treated them cosmetically but also listened to their hopes, hurts and dreams. Dr Argie still has patients that she has been treating since 1996 and is very excited to catch up with every returning patient.

ARGERA is honest in its approach to patients and if it cannot provide an adequate service to meet a patients needs then Dr Argie will happily refer to one of her plastic surgeon colleagues when reconstructive techniques are needed. It's this holistic approach that makes all the difference in maximizing outcomes.

ARGERA respects all cosmetic medicine colleagues who maintain high standards and education and our doctor herself is held in high esteem amongst them. High standards are everything to the ARGERA team.

ARGERA also believes in value for money and offers services at the most competitive rates found in Australia based upon the use of the latest and best techniques, knowledge and experience. Patients must always do their research and know what they are getting in their treatment to ensure they are getting the best value, as there is often a lot of variation in treatments between clinics.

All the staff at ARGERA genuinely do their best to provide a good service, so we hope it won’t offend anyone to know that we have expectations of our patients too. 

  1. We ask of them that they keep realistic expectations as 50 years of aging cant be changed in one treatment or a single vial.
  2. For patients to do their research and understand that not all treatments between clinics are the same. Compare apples with apples, not with oranges!
  3. To realize treatments at ARGERA are medical and carried out by highly trained medical staff (doctors and nurses). It is not a beautician centre. 
  4. To understand that all treatments have a risk of side effects, no matter how careful the practioner. Results cannot be guaranteed, and we do not offer refunds on treatments once patients are consented and treated.
  5. To accept that medicine is not perfect and it is individual physiology that ultimately determines the effects and the results.
  6. We ask patients to contact us if they have any concerns and follow all instructions given.
  7. To be a patient patient when needed as some treatments take time to work whilst side effects take time to settle
  8. To keep calm at all times and not get angry with staff if things did not go as they had expected. The staff our always there to support you. They do not deserve to be abused verbally.
  9. Courtesy is always important to us and if someone cannot make his or her appointment we ask for at least 24hours notice. We do understand that emergencies might occur and if they do, we appreciate a phone call of apology at the earliest convenience. This can avoid unnecessary non-attendance fees for the patient. All surgical and booked procedures need 72hrs of cancellation notice or a loss of deposit will occur. There is no exceptions whether an emergency has occurred or not, as staff are especially rostered in these types of treatments.
  10. Please know that for most treatments there is no Medicare rebate available and private Health does not cover cosmetic treatments.

A good practioner–patient relationship is based upon trust, understanding and good communication. Advanced knowledge of the above improves the likelihood of achieving this. Again, we hope that we have not offended anyone.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us at the ARGERA Centre. We look forward to meeting you.


We are fully accredited by a range of industry organisations. We operate to the highest standards and best codes of practice.