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The ugly truth about side effects

I often hear of clinics attempting to lure potential patients with claims of no side effects, or of special techniques that prevent pain and bruising. Unfortunately, the truth is that all insults to the body (whether tripping over the dog or having a cosmetic procedure) may cause an injury to the skin. The common trauma response of the body is redness, swelling, bruising and, depending on the site and hence the number of nerve endings, pain. As individuals our responses can vary greatly. Some of us bruise more than others, some feel more pain and others swell. There are many other factors that can also influence side effects including medications and supplements, such as NSAIDs, steroids, high dose vitamin E, C and fish oil, garlic and alcohol. These increase the risk of bruising, as does recent exertion or a hot day. Pain can be exacerbated if a woman is under emotional stress or near her period when she treats. Darker skin types such as Negro, Aboriginal or Asian are more likely to pigment or scar. Needless to say, the more invasive the procedure the greater the likelihood of side effects. And to complicate matters further, you may have a side effect one time but not the next.

A good doctor will of course take all the precautions they can to prevent side effects and discuss this with their patients. Patients should however expect some side effects and not treat near important social events. If a bruise does occur then you have a choice to either wear it with pride as a sign that you value yourself enough to maintain your looks or, alternatively, blame it on the dog!


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