Body Contouring

Lipolysis (Fat Dissolving) and Mesotherapy

What are lipolysis and mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a procedure involving the injection of chemicals into the skin to stimulate the body’s lymphatic, circulatory and immunological systems. Depending upon the combination of chemicals used, the treatment can improve cellulite, new stretch marks, loose skin, the quality of skin, reduce hair loss and can shrink fat. When fat is targeted, the procedure is known as lipolysis and uses the chemical phosphatidylcholine. This substance is naturally found in the cell membranes and is an excellent fat burner that allows the lymphatic system to pick up the dissolving fat more efficiently. 
Mesotherapy originated in France in the early 1950’s but is now used worldwide with medical societies in the USA and Europe created especially to continue to improve the procedure and its outcomes. Many of the results of mesotherapy are subjective and thus ARGERA focuses on the more successful treatment of lipolysis.

Is it safe? What are the side effects?

Lipolysis is generally a very simple and quick procedure, taking only minutes to complete. At the time patients may experience some mild discomfort and afterwards some redness, swelling, bruising and itchiness. Some people can feel a little lightheaded or their heart rate might increase. These symptoms do not last long and the taking of an anti-histamine the day before and on the day of treatment may prevent them altogether. Every day thousands of people around the world are having mesotherapy and lipolysis treatments without severe complications, making it a relatively safe procedure. Patients who are allergic to soy and soy based products should avoid lipolysis.

What are the results like?

Results vary greatly between individuals and are dependent upon the condition to be treated, the patient’s general health and lifestyle, the quality of the underlying skin and the expectations of the patient. Some people receive dramatic results while others get a more subtle improvement. Lipolysis for example, is best performed on patients who have smaller deposits of unwanted fat that diet and exercise alone will not shift. For this reason chins, hips, thighs, abdomens and arms are popular areas for treatment. Lipolysis is not good for the removal of larger quantities of fat; in these cases liposuction would be the appropriate procedure. Results are improved where the patient maintains a healthy eating programme with plenty of water, exercise and massage to the treated area. Fat dissolving is a resetting of the area and thus fat will not return there unless the patient puts weight on.

What is the cost?

Lipolysis requires multiple treatments, with the time between each session being dependent on the area to be treated and the desired results. The cost is calculated based upon the number of areas treated per visit, at a fixed rate per area. This is a very popular treatment as it is affordable.

Can anyone tell that I have had a treatment?

Immediately after treatment the area is red and swollen. Some patients will continue to swell over the next few days and the odd patient will stay swollen for up to 2 weeks. However as fatty tissue destruction is the desired outcome, these people often get better results for their prolonged recovery. If clothes cover the area this will not be a problem and no one will notice. If the face is being treated, then the area may look full or swollen. If this is the case then a patient might have to explain the swelling with an alternative excuse. In reality, chins and jowls are regularly treated and patients return for subsequent treatments and thus the results seem to out weight any possible side effects. 

How is Argera's treatment different?

ARGERA makes special attempts to reduce discomfort and improve treatment times by using state of the art disposable multi-injecting devices at no extra cost to the patient. This means the treatment can be done in minutes with minimal discomfort. In addition we tailor the treatment to the individual and can add some additional skin shrinking agents to the lipolysis mix to enable the skin quality to improve over the treated area. This is unique to ARGERA. Only our doctor performs the lipolysis procedure.


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