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Natural Lift - The 30 minute non-surgical face lift

What is "The Natural LIft"?

Women are going to great lengths to delay the ageing clock in the quest to look and feel younger, with many opting for expensive surgical procedures with lengthy recovery periods. Would it surprise you to know that by the end of March 2010 Australians had spent close to half a billion dollars on non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments from the previous year? At the same time a revolutionary anti-ageing treatment, called The “Natural Lift”, featured in “Women’s Weekly”. 

This treatment restores lost facial volume in the upper face, mid face, eyes, cheeks, jaw line and chin in just 30 minutes and at a fraction of the cost of a traditional face lifts. What’s more, the recovery time is days rather than weeks.

While loss of volume is one of the most visible factors of facial ageing, a traditional face lift only tightens or removes loose skin, giving the face a telltale ‘worked on’ look. The “Natural Lift”, on the other hand, is designed to restore natural volume, enhance facial contours and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. It should only be carried out by a doctor with significant experience in volume filling.

The “Natural Lift” comprises:

  • 4mls (2x2mls) of a safe long lasting volume filler to instantly enhance appearance by adding volume to restore youthful facial shape and contour
  • 1ml of a dermal filler to reduce the appearance of moderate facial wrinkles and folds

The instant results of the “Natural Lift” have made the treatment an incredibly popular choice amongst those looking to create youthful fullness of the face. Dr Argie has been successfully performing this procedure and using pre-packaged volume fillers since they first became available in Australia. She loves the instant results and simplicity compared to fat transfer, which is more arduous in procedure and recovery. “In the nineties, all I had was fat to successfully re-volumise the face. A mini-theatre process was needed with added expense, full recovery took 2 weeks and then I needed to refill two months after to compensate for the loss of tissue seen with all fat transfer. Sometimes I didn’t even know if the fat would take. Now, with the beauty of this safe and effective filler, a patient can walk in and walk out of my office, looking refreshed with minor bruising and swelling (if any), knowing that they have a long lasting result. It really is a great treatment”.

Who is suitable?

The “Natural Lift” is suitable for any patient, male or female, who desires restoration of volume to an area of their face. Most commonly the treatment is used for patients who are in their mid to late 30s with signs of mid-face ageing, such as early flattening of the cheek area, and for mid 40s to late 60s patients who want to recreate volume and enhance definition of facial contours.

How long will it last and what is the cost?

The “Natural Lift” is a fraction of the cost of a surgical mid-face lift and gives a more natural, softer look. Prices will vary amongst clinics and may be offered as a special package deal, as the volume filler and dermal fillers can also be purchased individually. The results can last from 9 to 12 months where the volume filler has been applied, with a simple yearly 2ml volume filler treatment being needed to maintain the results for many patients.

How is Argera different?

ARGERA offers the largest range in non-surgical face-lifts available (thread lifting and the X-lift). This is due to the fact that our doctor attends both international and natural conferences regularly to obtain the latest in treatments and techniques. Her injecting experience is vast and extends back to 1998. She is now a trainer for a number of the product companies and is known throughout Australia and internationally as an advanced injector. Dr Argie has the experience to make an accurate an honest assessment of the patient’s cosmetic needs and happily works within their budget to achieve the maximal results possible.

ARGERA now offers the "mini-natural lift" which is ideal for those patients needing less cheek volume or as a yearly treatment for those who want to maintain their "natural lift" results.

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