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Thread Lifting - Non-surgical face lift

What is thread lifting?

Thread lifting is a treatment that has become very popular in Europe and the USA as an alternative to a facelift for suitable patients. It involves the placement of barbed suture threads under the skin, which are pulled to lift and anchor the skin upwards. The result is a subtle lifting of the skin. It is used most successfully in the eyebrow, cheeks, jaw line and upper neck area in skin that is just starting to sag. When combined with volume fillers, the result is a fuller, more rounded cheek line restoring the youthful contours to the face. The old threads have been replaced by the newer dissolvable ones. The result of thread lifting actually comes from the body producing collagen around the thread in a response to its presence. This occurs in the first 3 to 9 months after insertion. The newer threads start to dissolve around 9 months. This means that the skin is not left with a non-functional foreign body in the future. These dissolvable threads, thus make the procedure safer.

What are the side effects and risks?

This procedure is generally quick, safe and has less bruising, swelling and pain compared to traditional face-lifts. All side effects and risks are discussed during the consultation process. The treatment should be performed in a sterile environment and thus be considered a minor surgery. 

How long will the result last?

The results of thread lifting alone are subtle, with volume filling making it more dramatic. They tend to last at least 2 to 5 years, but can be easily redone. The effects are evident almost immediately but continue to improve in the following three months, as the body lays collagen around the threads causing a secondary lifting. The results of thread lifting also rely upon the condition of the skin. If the skin is too heavy or saggy, the effects are milder. If the skin is too thin and crepe-paper like then the threads may not be able to grasp the dermis and will be seen under the skin. The best skin type is thus that which is just beginning to sag with some bounce in it when pinched.

What are the costs?

Thread lifting is charged per area treated. There is no additional theatre fee at ARGERA even though we use our Health Department Licensed day Hospital to ensure maximal safety and sterility in the procedure. If a suitable candidate for the procedure, the considerably lower cost makes it an affordable alternative to a facelift. The other less expensive option is the X-Lift (non-thread thread lift) or even volume fillers alone in skilled hands, can give a great result with minimal side effects. For the best results we suggest one of the ARGERA thread-lift packages that include a combination of threads and volume filling to sagging cheeks to save money.

How is argera different?

Our doctor has years of experience in a variety of facial lifting treatments. She has trained and had private discussions with some of the most experienced thread lifting doctors in the world such as Dr Gustavo Leibaschoff and Dr Mangubat. In addition, Dr Argie is the creator of the X-lift, a technique that has been published in medical journals and accepted as a stand-alone procedure in the cosmetic medical industry. Dr Argie has the experience to make an accurate an honest assessment of the patient’s cosmetic needs and happily works within their budget to achieve the maximal results possible.

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