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Want good skincare that works but not sure where to start? ARGERA has done the research for you. Dr Argie travels the world looking for the top medical strength (doctor only) skincare on the market. All have proven results and are used by the doctor and staff at the clinic. They are also highly concentrated and should be used in small amounts so that each standard product should last 8 to 12 weeks with daily use and up to 6 months in some products.

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SYNERGIE UltraCleanse (120 ml)

A concentrated gel formula designed to gently remove makeup, pollution, excess oils and grime, without stripping natural oils and destroying the natural acid mantle of the skin (pea-sized amount twice daily)

Argera's comments: A doctor favourite with its lovely Neroli smell and foaming action, gentle and effective. Lasts ages.

Price: $80



SYNERGIE Luciderm (30 ml)

An acid free exfoliant, ideal for even the most sensitive skin, to reveal smoother and brighter skin by stimulating cell turnover and cell renewal. Rosacea and eczema sufferers can finally exfoliate without any side effects. Use once daily, am or pm

Price: $125


SYNERGIE MediScrub (100 ml)

Contains the key ingredient Corundum, this natural earth mineral is the same crystal used in medical microdermabrasion machines. Formulated to gently but effectively remove surface dead skin, congestion and blackheads (use 1-3 times per week on congested areas)

Argera's comments: This is for the hardcore who love that abrasive feeling of cleanliness to skin. Use once a week for best results and prior to makeup for special events.

Price: $85


(All dual action with added moisturisers)


SYNERGIE UberZinc (50 ml)

A light moisturiser with full broad spectrum sunscreen protection. Formulated in a luxurious hydrating base containing 21% pure Zinc oxide physical sunscreen together with pure green tea, a powerful antioxidant (apply small amount AM, reapply after swimming/sports)

Argera's comments: Zinc without that white after effect.

Price: $125


Many also with moisturising properties


OBAGI-C Pro Serum 20%

For those wanting increased Vitamin C levels, serum can be applied under sunscreen in the morning instead of the Obagi-C Day Lotion (4 drops AM under sunscreen)

Argera's comments: Absolutely beautiful serum and very very popular. Has made a huge difference to the doctor’s pigmentation.

Price: $190


These are doctor prescribed and should only be used once patients have completed the appropriate trial kit. Doctor only skin care  is stronger than over the counter and thus has more effect on the skin. If unsure then please make an appointment to see our doctor for an assessment.


A+ (30ml)

Has over 10.000 IU of pure stabilised retinol per pump of A+ serum. In vivo clinical studies have shown a 14% reduction in visible wrinkles after application of this highly stable, deeply penetrating form of Vitamin A. It has the same properties as Ultimate A serum but in a more concentrated form (use one pump PM daily (with Vitamin B serum) on face and neck prior to moisturising).

Price: $145


Priority B (30 ml)

Contains a high dose (12%) of Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) to rejuvenate and strengthen skin against a broad range of skin conditions, including dryness, pigmentation, skin immunity and excess sebum (apply one pump PM daily (with A+ serum) or apply twice daily following clinical procedures that may have inflamed the skin

Price: $145


SYNERGIE SuperSerum (30 ml)

There is a species of jellyfish that can age backwards, potentially rendering it immortal. When it is exposed to environmental stresses or physical threat, or when it is sick or old, it can revert its cells to a younger form. Scientists have now isolated the peptide responsible for this Benjamin Button like trait and replicated it. Synergie SuperSerum harnesses the power of these DNA repairing peptides derived through marine biotechnology to repair damaged cells, stimulate healthy stem cells, collagen and hyaluronic acid, relaxing crows feet and smokers lines and increasing skin hydration (apply one pump AM and PM)

Argera's comments: This is the latest in technology and is used by our doctor plus the owner of the Synergie skin care company who looks in her 20’s despite being over 50!

Price: $160



SYNERGIE HyDrolock (50 ml)

Contains rich, natural moisturisers combined with marine Phycosaccharide A1 which situates growth factor production in skin cells to combat ageing, dry skin. It rebuilds the epidermal skin via stem cell activation and stimulates the activity of epidermal stem cells to rapidly restore and reconstruct skin tissue (apply PM to dry, ageing skin as the final step in your skincare regimen)

Price: $140


SYNERGIE ReClaim (50 ml)

A potent blend of antioxidants, peptides and other powerful cosmeceuticals designed to minimise fine lines and restore ageing skin (apply AM as your daily moisturiser under sunscreen and PM as final step in evening routine, allowing at least 5 minutes for other actives to fully penetrate before application)

Argera's comments: Love this. Not only does it feel nice on the skin it smells like Jasmine.

Price: $145


SYNERGIE UberZinc (50 ml)

A light moisturiser with full broad spectrum sunscreen protection. Formulated in a luxurious hydrating base containing 21% pure Zinc oxide physical sunscreen together with pure green tea, a powerful antioxidant (apply small amount AM, reapply after swimming/sports)

Price: $125


OBAGI – One of the leading physician skincare ranges in the US. ARGERA has selected the best of their products to offer our patients.

Obagi-C® RX System – has a vitamin C base, which makes it ideal for those wanting to control pigmentation and improve collagen synthesis. We recommend that it be used as a base regime with the addition of the ARGERA “One Stop Beauty Shop” Night Cream, or a recommended alternative from our doctor, to further repair photo damage from the days UVA/UVB rays.

SYNERGIE Skin – Synergie is 100% Australian, not tested on animals and is all natural. All their products are free of parabens and other potentially harmful preservatives, artificial colours and fragrance, petroleum by-products or mineral oil, sodium sulphates, PEG (polyethylene glycol) and propylene glycol.


We are fully accredited by a range of industry organisations. We operate to the highest standards and best codes of practice.