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The Daddy Do Over (Male Makeover)

Who thinks that cosmetic medicine treatments are for women? Well it might surprise you to know that 20% of ARGERA’s clients are male.
More and more men nowadays are opting to maintain their looks, as they grow older. Research suggests that how we look not only impacts on our confidence but on how we are received by others especially in the workplace.
At ARGERA one of the most common problems we treat is gynacomastia or “man Boobs” and “man hips”. These are localized deposits of fat, which cannot be removed by diet and exercise. The only proven treatment is lipsuction. Newer techniques of tumescent liposuction make this a safer, more affordable procedure with faster recovery times.

Another increasingly popular treatment for males is for excess underarm sweating (hyperhidrosis). This includes not only businessmen, but SAS soldiers, football players, elite athletes and body builders who want to wear tight synthetic tops to show off their physique without wet patches under the arms. The treatment is simple, takes minutes and lasts on average 6 to 9months.
Other male treatments include wrinkle relaxers for the frown and forehead lines. This is excellent value at ARGERA for males who often need higher doses than their female counterparts since they have stronger muscles and ARGERA offers options which include a free top up.  Unsightly nose veins are easily treated with intense pulses light.

ARGERA is also now able to offer an alternative to expensive hair transplants for the balding male. Androgenic alopecia is common for men and occurs as testosterone converts to di-hydro testosterone (DHT) which causes hair loss at the front of the head and the crown. Research has found that our blood component known as plasma has growth factors that can nourish the scalp and stimulate hair growth. By simply taking a patient's blood, separating away the plasma and re-injecting it back into the scalp we can significantly restore hair to the thinning scalp on most men. In addition, ARGERA's doctor can combine plasma therapy with drugs that stop the conversion of testosterone into DHT and specially formulated topical scalp agents that are stronger than what is usually bought over the counter. Plasma collagen therapy is simple, safe and has no downtime. ARGERA is unique in that it has an alopecia package to maximise results whilst saving patients money.

The biggest surprise is the fact that men are opting for medical grade skincare as they have worked out that it is what you do on a daily basis that makes all the difference to how we age. ARGERA’s regimes are simple as a single cream to protect the skin from sun damage in the day and a cream to repair the skin damage at night. Our creams are full of active ingredients, not diluents as seen in over the counter products. This makes them maximally effective.

ARGERA also has a range of packages that help make treatments more affordable when more than one type is needed. Our doctor is extremely experienced in the male cosmetic medicine needs and can make an honest and accurate assessment at the time of consult.



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