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Medical Microdermabraison

What is medical microdermabraison

Medical microdermabrasion, also known as “super” micro dermabrasion, the dermal infusion device or Dermasweep®, is a machine that gently exfoliates and vacuums the epidermal surface making it smoother, clearer and less pigmented. The operator can then infuse medical grade skin care through the epidermis and into the upper dermis. This allows direct targeting of skin problems such as acne, dehydration, pigmentation, whiteheads and ageing skin. Due to the strength of the skin care used in the procedure, a doctor or nurse must carry out the treatment. Those having experienced traditional microdermabrasion have all noted the greater intensity in the results seen with Dermasweep®. This treatment is very popular in the USA and at ARGERA. 

Is it safe? What are the side effects?

This form of super microdermabrasion is extremely safe. The skin initially looks a little red but is smoother and clearer. The redness quickly settles leaving a glowing complexion. For this reason the treatment is fantastic as a once off for special events. Those with problem skin will require a series of 4 to 6 treatments.

How long will the results last?

The results are based on resetting the skin, so use of medical grade skin care will prolong the results. Often patients will have 2 or 3 per year, as a skin “pick-me-up”. It should be emphasized that this is not like traditional microdermabrasion that is carried out by beauticians. Dermasweep® is a medical procedure, performed by at ARGERA by a nurse, using high grade medical serums to help correct skin problems and improve its overall appearance.

What is the cost?

Surprisingly, despite being a medical grade machine, the cost of treatment is very affordable especially if a patient is using it as a part of their yearly skin refreshment regime.

How is Argera different?

Because our doctor regularly attends conferences both nationally and internationally to bring back the best in treatments and techniques, ARGERA was the first clinic in Perth have this advanced technology. This makes ARGERA the most experienced clinic in Perth for this treatment by a number of years.

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