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Plasma Collagen Induction Therapy for Skin Conditioning

What is plasma collagen induction therapy?

ARGERA was the first cosmetic clinic in Western Australia to offer this revolutionary skin treatment. It essentially harnesses and increases the body's own ability to heal tissue and create a more youthful skin. Most excitingly it has also been show to help with alopecia (hair loss or baldness). The technique is simple, quick and safe. It involves removing a blood sample, spinning it to concentrate the plasma's healing and collagen producing factors and then injecting this back under the skin. Three treatments spaced a month apart are required. It is a fantastic treatment on its own or to complement other therapies. When used for alopecia, our doctor can also prescribe additional medication which may help the hair loss and restore growth. Given the use of blood, plasma collagen therapy, has become known as the “Vampire Facelift”. Other names include "Platelet Rich Plasma" or "PRP".

Is it safe? What are the side effects?

This treatment is extremely safe as it uses the body’s own plasma to improve the skin’s appearance. Reactions are thus very unlikely. There are only a few people who are not suitable for this treatment and they include those with skin diseases (SLE and porphyria), an active cancer, those undergoing chemotherapy, with severe metabolic and systemic disorders, or abnormal platelet function (i.e. blood disorders). Those on anti-coagulation therapy should approach the therapy with caution. If in doubt, ARGERA’s doctor will be able to advise you at the time of consultation.

Plasma Therapy has a very low side effect profile with localised swelling, bruising and mild discomfort being the main side effects encountered. In recent times bruising has been significantly reduced to allow mild redness for 24 hours when plasma is combined with medical skin rollering. We encourage you to read the additional information in the website about the combined treatment, as these two procedures have the synergistic effect of increased collagen production and improved skin quality. The results have been quite amazing, especially on acne scarred skin.

How long will the results last?

This treatment resets the skin and the results are ongoing improvements for up to 12 months after the recommended 3-treatment course. If a patient wants to maintain their results then a yearly treatment is recommended.

Who should have this treatment?

Anyone wanting to repair the natural loss of collagen and elastin seen with ageing can have this treatment. Those with acne scarring or those who have lost large amounts of weight can benefit greatly when plasma is combined with medical rollering. 

What areas can I treat?

Anywhere skin exists. Face and neck are the most common areas but when combined with medical rollering areas such as the stomach, arms and knees have also become popular choices. Most people opt for plasma to cost effectively treat the loose skin under the eyes. Plasma collagen induction therapy has also been shown to improve hair growth when used on the scalp.

What is the cost?

ARGERA offers a range of packages and price options to make this a very affordable treatment for most patients.

Will everyone know that I have had a cosmetic procedure?

Plasma Therapy is a treatment that improves skin quality. It makes the dermis layer thicker and more elastic and thus reduces the crepe-paper look of ageing skin. It does not plump the skin and thus the results are soft. Combined with medical rollering the results can be much more dramatic. Collagen induction takes time; hence the results can take between weeks and months to be seen. People will simply state that you look healthier, refreshed or that your skin seems to glow. Acne scarred skin appears smoother, clearer and less pitted.

How is Argera different?

ARGERA was the first clinic to offer plasma therapy in Western Australia and thus its experience is extensive. We offer a variety of combined treatments involving plasma to suit various skin problems. In addition, ARGERA only uses the top grade plasma tubes, which allow for a greater induction of collagen. Bruising can also be reduced in localised areas such as under the eyes and around the mouth via the use of the latest cannula techniques that the ARGERA staff are proficient in.

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