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Rejuvenating Aging Hands


It is well known that someone’s age can be predicted by the condition of the skin on the face, neck, décolletage and hands. Oddly, the hands are often neglected when treating patients aesthetically. Treatments are however available and very effective in improving the appearance of aging hands. The most effective procedures are based upon first assessing how the hands have aged and then correcting the damage.

Hands age via 3 mechanisms -

  1. Increased pigmentation from sun damage.
  2. Thinned skin from loss of collagen and elastin caused by the natural losses from aging, especially after menopause (andropause) and accelerated by sun exposure, poor diet and smoking.
  3. Loss of volume in muscle and fat, also from the natural aging process or rapid weight loss.

Pigmentation damage is best treated by medical grade intense pulsed light (IPL) where specific wavelengths of light will target pigmentation and draw it to the surface. Over 2 to 3 weeks this will simply peel off leaving clearer smoother skin. The new skin will need protection with daily sunscreen to help prevent return. Usually, only 1 to 2 treatments are needed when using the medical grade machines.

Maintenance is recommended at one treatment yearly.

Fortunately, thickening skin and re-volumization can actually be achieved with biostimulators such as Radiesse®. Radiesse® (voted the safest cosmetic injectable in Europe) uses natural calcium and phosphate in a cellulose gel to initially fill deficits (such as the web space between fingers) and then over the next few months to stimulate the body’s natural collagen stimulation. The result is a clearer, bouncier skin tone. Usually, only a single treatment yearly is needed. Those wanting more volume may have an additional Radiesse® treatment a month after the first.

Being a recognised “Master Injector” nationally and internationally, our doctor has performed hand treatments for well over 20years, so it’s worth asking her next time you visit if you would benefit. ARGERA offers a “package” combination treatment of IPL and Radiesse® for those who genuinely want to correct their aging hands. Our doctor personally has this treatment yearly too.



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