Skin Conditioning

Skin Boosters for Skin Conditioning and Hydration

What are skin boosters?

Skin boosters (also known as injectable skin hydrators) are specialised sugar molecules found in all animal species that are injected into the skin to restore what the dermis loses with age and excessive sun exposure. Normally, these sugar molecules attract water into the skin allowing the skin to look plump, bright and have improved elasticity. This further allows increased oxygen and nutrients into the skin and promotes release of growth factors for regeneration, which can act as a trigger for the body to make more of its own collagen. Numerous skincare regimes claim to also do this, but they often require high concentrations of active ingredients, which take time to accumulate. It thus makes more sense that direct application into the dermis with tiny injections would be a faster and more effective way to rehydrate skin. ARGERA has had amazing results in the neck and décolletage areas, under the eyes and around the mouth. It can however be used anywhere including the knees and hands. It has also been used to create a soft lifting effect on the face. This is a great product for treating localised problem areas and is very cost efficient. It is used extensively in Europe and Asia where good quality of skin is highly valued. Recent developments have seen skin boosters combined with plasma or wrinkle relaxers in the same syringe to provide further enhanced skin rejuvenation. 

Are skin boosters safe? What are the side effects?

This product is extremely safe given that it is found in nature and is an essential part of the skin. Side effects are minimal and include temporary redness, bruising and rarely palpable lumps, which are not visible and quickly dissolve into the skin. 

ARGERA also utilises the latest in cannula techniques to reduce the risk of bruising in areas such as around the mouth and under the eyes, where the risk of bruising is higher. Pain is generally not an issue as a numbing cream can be applied before the procedure. (You will need to allow at least ½ an hour before your procedure for the cream to work. Please let the receptionist know if you plan to be treated the day of your consult and want to use the cream).

How long will the results last?

Skin Boosters require three treatments spaced one month apart. The result is long lasting, as it is a resetting of the skin. Patients usually do not see any improvement for a few days and some may not see any until the second treatment. The final result depends upon the original condition of the skin, further sun exposure and general health. Most people might opt for a single top up treatment six monthly to yearly. It should be made clear that, THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT LIFT OUT WRINKLES OR FOLDS. It does however provide a softer, more elastic and brighter skin texture.

Who is suitable?

This treatment is suitable for anyone at any age who wants youthful skin and especially for those with sun damage, acne scarring and dehydrated skin. The most common areas treated are hands, neck, décolletage and face.

What is the cost?

The treatment is sold in packages of three. Single treatments for maintenance are also available. The cost is very affordable to most patients and more economical when one considers what they spend on over the counter skincare.

Pay up front for 3 skin booster treatments and receive a 20% discount.

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