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Thermage® for Skin Tightening

What is thermage?

Thermage® uses pulses of radiofrequency waves to generate heat to around 42°C in the dermis. The body's response to this is to create collagen to repair the perceived thermal damage. Thermage® thus stimulates the body's natural collagen building processes, so the more heat (inflammation) generated the better the potential result. Some people are more heat sensitive than others. To compensate for this the latest Thermage® machine (CPT generation) uses a vibrating tip to deliver the radiofrequency pulse. The vibration tricks the brain into thinking that less heat is being generated, making higher temperatures more tolerable to the patient's skin. The tip also has state of the art sensors that help prevent overheating of the skin and hence burns. It is used on areas such as the jowls, eyelids, face, neck, post pregnancy abdomens, buttocks, thighs, arms and anywhere loose skin exists. The machine prefers crepe-paper like skin and so the most dramatic results are seen in these cases. What might interest you most is that Thermage is the choice of treatment for the rich and famous such as Oprah, Kim Kardashian, Linda Evangelista, Michelle Obama, Gwyneth Paltrow and many more. 

Is it safe? What are the side effects?

Thermage® is universally considered to be a procedure where side effects are minimal and downtime is at virtually nil. There have been over 1 million treatments worldwide and currently, the American FDA has given Thermage® a 98.9% safety rating. That's the highest of all cosmetic procedures. All ARGERA staff members have had treatments with nothing other than temporary redness to the skin that resolved within hours. The advanced technology of the CPT machine sees its disposable tip calibrate to a patient's skin to send back information about the skin's temperature. Once 42 degrees is reached the machine will not fire and thus can not cause burns, or severe damage to skin or underlying fat. A new tip is used for every patient each treatment. Thermage® is not suitable for patients who have an implantable pacemaker, an implantable cardioverter/defibrillator (ICD), cochlear implant or any other electronic implantable device.

How long will the results last?

Thermage® acts to reset the skin bringing it back to a more youthful level. Surgery does this too. And, like surgery, you simply continue to age thereafter. Surgery will provide more dramatic results but has increased downtime and cost. Thermage® has virtually no downtime, and provides a softer result. There have been dramatic results seen with Thermage® but we could not promise these as the result depends upon the individual's ability to make new collagen. As it takes up to a year to get the full effects of collagen remodelling, we do not recommend that patients have further treatments earlier than 6 months after the initial. Most people have one treatment only and would not consider another for 2 or 3 years at least. Please also note that whilst some people get a result immediately, for most it will take at least 3 months, so you will need to be a patient patient!

What is the cost?

There are a number of factors in determining the cost of the treatment based upon the number of tips needed for an area and the time to complete the area. ARGERA has attempted to keep the cost as low as possible and remains one of the least expensive operators in Australia especially with our regular specials on Thermage. We do not compromise on standards and encourage you to read the next section. Beware if something sounds too cheap, as there will be a reason why. Overall all Thermage is a far cheaper than a face-lift for those desiring softer results with face-lifts costing upwards of ten thousand dollars. Many patients prolong their need for a face lift with Thermage® and many of our younger patients use it as a way to maintain their skin quality. 

How is Argera's treatment different?

Like all cosmetic medical treatments, the Thermage procedure can can differ between centres which can effect the result. ARGERA uses the latest CPT Thermage® device, which is upgradable as the technology advances and state of the art tips that register the temperature in the patient's skin and feed this information back to the machine. In this way we are able to give the most effective treatments with minimal risk of unwanted side effects. ARGERA only uses the recommended tips, not cheap overseas copies which could put the patient's skin at risk. Each tip is used exclusively for that patient and thrown away after the treatment, not split between patients. Again this ensures maximal results.  In addition our treatments have gained national recognition as one of the best and Dr Argie is often asked to lecture on Thermage® for conferences to educate other health professionals. Maximal results are partially dependant upon the skill of the operator and our senior nurse has performed hundreds of Thermage treatments with her results being shown nationally. She is also caring and aware of our patients needs during the procedure. Dr Argie, and all the staff have personally had treatments because they believe in the device and its effectiveness in skin conditioning. Patients are free to ask any staff member at anytime what they think of the treatment and will get an honest answer.  We are also the one of the least expensive Thermage® clinics in Australia despite the extensive experience and knowledge in this therapy.

Consider also that there are other types of radiofrequency devices on the market that offer skin tightening, yet it was the Thermage® machine that had all the proven results in the clinical studies that first showed that collagen induction was possible with radiofrequency waves. It was because of this fact that ARGERA considered purchasing the Thermage® machine over the other devices. And, when the device proved to have results on our most sceptical of staff members we knew that our patients could truly benefit and so Thermage®-CPT became a part of our practice.  As time has passed we have become increasing impressed by the results we have seen with Thermage.

To summarize THERMAGE®

  • Only proven alternative to surgery to significantly tighten the skin
  • Once off treatment, lasting up to 2 years and more for some who look after it
  • Skin tightening takes 12months for full effect hence gradual improvement naturally. Some patients notice results within a few weeks.
  • No downtime
  • Quick - maximal time for large treatment 2 hours
  • Tolerable with the vibrating hand-piece of the CPT system
  • The thinner the skin, the better the result
  • Affordable - (compare with tummy tuck and neck lift $10,000++)
  • All scientific studies on radio-frequency skin tightening were done on the Thermage® machine
  • A great addition to other non-surgical treatments for aging.
  • Can treat jowls, lift brows, eyelids, under eyes, necks, post pregnancy skin to abdomen, arms, hands, inner thighs and anywhere the skin is loose
  • Over 1 Million successful treatments worldwide already performed
  • Choice of the rich and famous such as Oprah, Gwyneth Paltrow,Linda Evangelista, Kim Kardashian, Ellen Barkin and many more
  • Good support from the company for patients and doctors
  • Staff at ARGERA have personally had treatments and believe in its results
  • Huge amount of information in the media and on the internet e.g.

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