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Our everyday high standards on treatments such as wrinke relaxer with low prices

Want experience, honesty, the latest techniques and treatments, high standard treatments at some of the cheapest prices in Perth? Having performed cosmetic medicine for over 24yrs our doctor knows how to get the maximum results out of minimal products to help save you money. We also provide options allowing patients to tailor treatments to suit their budget making the ARGERA Centre unique as one of Perth's premier cosmetic medical clinics. Remember that in medicine experience really does count!

Please note that, we understand that the astute patient values their health and selects their treating clinic based upon experience, and high standards of treatments rather than pricing, to help obtain maximal possible results and reduce the risk of complications. This in turn keeps their overall costs lows since they have to come back less often. However be assured that at the ARGERA Centre all attempts have been made to keep costing down without compromising on standards of care. We can thus boast that treatments consistently remain some of the cheapest in Perth without compromising on quality. Here's just a few examples of the amazing value for money options at the ARGERA Centre and why patients keep coming back!



The Australian market has been flooded with illegal and dangerous imported products. the cosmetic medicine industry is not policed and very few clinics undergo regular health department checks for standards. this has opened it to a flood of clinics which run with variable standards. 

Patients need to do their research before undergoing treatments. if something sounds ridiculously cheap then there will probably be a reason, such as inadequate dosing, use of illegal imported products, inadequate training or an advertising gimmick to get a patient in the door and then upsell treatments they do not need or want. 
All patients should make informed decisions and if unsure should not treat, even if they are already in the chair. You cannot put a price on your health!




FREE nurse consultations on various treatments.

All consultations include a detailed assessment of the patient, suitability for treatment, alternative treatment options, risks of the procedure, realistic outcomes and costs in writing.
There is a fee for consultation with our doctor who specialises in aesthetic medicine, which may be waivered if treatment occurs on the day.

*Not all treatments are suitable carried out on the day of consultation. If unsure ask at time of booking.

"Mona Lisa Touch" Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

Treat vaginal and bladder symptoms, and/or sexual discomfort from menopause, childbirth, excess weight loss, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, or just tighten the vaginal.

Super Special! Pay for 2 and receive your third treatment free with the recommended initial 3 treatment package! Plus, SAVE an additional 10% if your symptoms are due to post chemo or radiation therapy.

* Free Senior Nurse Consultations.


problem skin?

Improve your skin in just one month with the "Miracle Monthly Skin Makeover Package" and enjoy complementary skincare at the value of $120 when you choose this low intensity laser treatment package. Fixes pigmentation, textural irregularities, improves complexion, pores, active acne & acne scarring.

We have the latest in Medical Grade treatments to improve your skin with multiple package options to save you hundreds. All package prices given in writing at the time of consultation.


ARGERA also stocks a range of the most advanced Medical Grade Skin care on the market with prices that will suit most budgets. This medical skincare actually can work to improve your skin as it contains the strongest of ingredients. Our friendly staff is always willing to guide you in your choices based upon their expert knowledge. Prices range from $65 to $190 for some of the top cosmeceuticals in the World.

Wrinkle Fillers & Relaxers

Don't over treat and waste money! You can choose your wrinkle relaxers per area or per unit and tailor your treatment to your needs. Our extremely experienced medical staff can guide you. ARGERA only stocks premium grade products and uses recommended doses to ensure maximal results, longevity and safety. We provide full pricing options in writing to all patients at the time of consultation.

Standard Wrinkle Relaxers & Fillers

30% off the standard wrinkle relaxer (full block) area fee and/or wrinkle fillers (including lip fillers), when patients treat with our nurses at the Joondalup Clinic on Thursdays.

20% off the standard wrinkle relaxer fees and/or wrinkle fillers (including lips), when patients treat with our nurses at the Joondalup Clinic every day aside from Wrinkle Thursdays.

Wrinkle relaxer treatments start from only $150 (inc GST)/area for a soft effect and $262/area for a full block and fillers from $262 (inc GST).

*By law all patients must have had a past consultation with a doctor before a nurse may treat. If unsure just ask our friendly staff.


First time lip patients to ARGERA pay only $440 (inc GST) with our senior nurse for 1ml of premium grade TGA listed lip filler.

Prefer the doctor to treat? Just ask our friendly staff about our doctor preferred first time lip special.

* No extra cost for the latest in pain relief options to help make your treatment comfortable.

*Our Senior nurse has over 13years of experience in injecting. Our doctor was named the "Lip Queen of Perth" in the national Nip and Tuck magazine, having created thousands of beautiful lips over the last 22years.

*All lip treatments will receive 1ml i.e. the recommended dose for full lips. This dose does not create "trout pout".

Non-surgical face lifts

Multiple volume filler packages are available depending upon a patient's individual requirements, starting from $1684 (inc GST) 

Non filler options are also available for face lifting such as Ultherapy.

*All volume filler treatments are carried out by the doctor due to the increased risk potential to the midface area. Our doctor is a recognised "Master Injector" with the ability to balance the face and bring out its natural beauty with the use of advance techniques and minimal products, which helps save money.


Vip program (Very Important Patient)

ARGERA patients automatically qualify for this exciting program providing additional savings on treatments and skin care.

The Argera centre really does offer some of the best value treatments in Perth.
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We are fully accredited by a range of industry organisations. We operate to the highest standards and best codes of practice.